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I’ve been thinking alot about this blog and about writing but I just haven’t gotten around to doing something about it.  So my new “plan” is to spend at least 30 minutes each day writing.  And I thought instead of just writing something and it sitting somewhere in a Word document in some random folder on the computer why don’t I write for this blog.  I hope the idea is going to work.

Life is so busy right now.  I not quite sure what is making it feel so busy but its feels like the pressure never lets up.  I know part of it is the folders of photos that need editing. It seems I add two new folders when I finish one.  I was so thrilled back in February to finally be caught up.  We photographed a wedding in the middle of February and thanks to my wonderful hubby we were actually almost caught up before we added those photos to the work folder.  For a few days I thought that we were totally caught up but then I realized I had to design a photo book…which took me over a week.  And all of a sudden the relief I felt at being caught up disappeared under a workload of 1,500 photos, setting up the studio, and an increasing number of photo shoots.  The photos from that wedding in February are around half done, I have two folders of photo session photos, one half done but the other I haven’t even started, 1 folder of 2,500 wedding photo that need to be sorted and edited, errands to run today, a photo session tomorrow and maybe another one before the end of the week, a wedding on Saturday and hubby also has an event to shoot on Saturday evening.  Ohhh I should not have just written that all down…its even more overwhelming seen in black and white.

Well I used 20 of my minutes getting the new post dialogue open and checking my email and facebook so now my time is up.

Hopefully my thought will be more interesting tomorrow but I figure I have to start someplace.

Oh and new recipes coming soon.  I have been asked many times to start a cooking class and since I never have time I want to start a virtual cooking class.  If you have any requests let me know 🙂


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Wifey, mommy and many other things. I'm enjoying my African adventure with my wonderful hubby from Kenya.

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  1. Hi, Me again. Thanks for the shoot. Looking forward to the photos. Please please start a cooking class….I will be the 1st student….the cake was awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!!!! Thanks and love to family.


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