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We are excited today.  To celebrate our new blog and just because Valentine’s Day and the anniversary of our engagement is this month we (as SW Photography) are giving away a photo shoot worth 3,500 shillings. 

One special person will win a one hour photo shoot at venue* of their choice.  The photo shoot can be for them alone or with friends or family.** In addition to the shoot we will also give the one 8×10 collage of photos taken during the shoot. 

So what you need to do it leave a comment saying what type of photo shoot you want (for example: personal portraits, family photos, maternity photos, engagement shoot etc) and why you want to win.  We will pick a winner at random on the 28th of February (our engagement anniversary).  

For more information about SW Photography and to see samples of our work check out our facebook page here.

*Venue must be in Nairobi, Kenya.  Winner will be responsible for transportation and any venue fees.

**There will be a limit of 5 people for the photo shoot.  There will be a fee for any additional participants. 

And now for a sneak peak of a family photo shoot (more photos coming later). 

Family Photos (2) (1024x905)


Its a Good Day

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I’m excited about today.  I’ve not been feeling very well (probably because hubby and I have been working late and sleeping past midnight) but its still a good day. 

Hubby and I stayed awake last night talking about God and life and death and heaven and other interesting topics.  I know many people say that thinking about death is morbid but I find that contemplating the realities of life and death, God and humanity, heaven and hell gives me more purpose and passion to enjoy this life and make it worthwhile in my own way.

I’ve always had great dreams and ambitions but it rarely seems like I’m achieving much.  I have always tended to be the kind of person who is good at many things but great at few.  The over-achiever in me wants me to be great at them all.  I want to be a great wife, a great mom, a great Christian, a great writer, a great photographer, a great cook, a great mentor, a great knitter, a great friend, and the list goes on.  And you know what I kinda am great but when I fail to meet my expectations of myself in just one area I suddenly deem myself a failure. 

Ok well that took a twist I didn’t see coming 🙂 Where I was headed is that today is a good day.  I slept in after getting Benji up (he’s teething and very cranky) while hubby made oatmeal and toast for breakfast.  I straightened up the house (every room!), washed the dishes, swept the floor and mopped up some yucky spots on the floor.  I have a number of things I want to post here today.  I read something inspiring about photography (basically a call from one photographer to others for us to get our acts together :).  And I feel like I’m headed in the right direction.  I might not get there as fast as I like but I’m heading there. 

Our clients are happy with the work we deliver.  I might not meet some of my fellow photographers standards or know all the technical stuff that they know and you know what I may never reach there and that’s ok with me.  My goal with photography is this: show the world the way God sees it and provide my clients with reasonably priced photography while capturing their memories simply and beautifully.  Just that.  And that I can do well. 

I’m writing again.  I don’t think I can explain how amazing I felt while writing paragraphs 2 and 3 up there.  My favorite thing about writing is that I write from deep inside, from a place that I don’t even know is there until I start writing.  I don’t express myself very well verbally, but  give me a paper and pencil and I know I can make sense.  Every thing comes together in my mind when I start to write.  Its wonderful and I’ve missed it so much. 

I’m blogging about food…talk about random.  I would never have thought I would be one of “those” people! :D  But I love cooking and I’m getting better every day. I’ve had so many ladies ask me for cooking lessons but they never seem to work out…so now I can have virtual cooking lessons.  And its a wonderful way to combine my love for photography, writing and cooking. 

Well all that to say there are some fun things coming up later right here on Our African American Family.  Thanks for sharing the journey with us.